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The rapper was replying to those who have criticised his dress sense — hip-hop loudmouths who have tried to "label" him as gay, including a recent homophobic diss by 50 Cent. Parker provided the voice of West in the episode and during the song "Gay Fish", a parody of West's song " Heartless ". I am able to experience first hand how people who have mental health issues get written off by society. South Park — Season 13 — "Fishsticks " ". And yet, when he released his hate-filled Twitter diatribe at Wiz Khalifa this week, I felt especially upset — even betrayed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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The way Cartman tries to steal credit for the joke was inspired by real people Parker and Stone have worked with in the television business.

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Kanye West: I'm confident with my manhood

It reminds me of when I said stop hip hop homophobia It used to be ok for rappers to bash gay people just listen to certain rap records from the 90s and early s — ye kanyewest December 15, When Jimmy tells Cartman he feels he wrote most of the joke, Cartman fears Jimmy will try to take full credit and asks Kyle for advice on how to deal with Jimmy. Although O'Neal liked the West song in the episode's final scene, O'Neal said "cramming West and Mencia together — even mixed in with Cartman's very funny fantasy sequences — felt too cobbled to me, and the time limits imposed by cutting back and forth between it all made the respective digs start to feel a little too one-note. The duo said they found it hilarious and told variations of the joke back and forth to each other for the rest of the ride. Ramsey Isler of IGN declared it the best episode of the season, calling it a "beautiful Kanye West spoof that was so well-timed, so hilarious and so spot-on" that it became a "phenomenon". Travis Fickett of IGN said the episode included some good laughs but "never kicks into high gear" and said the themes might have worked better as subplots than a full episode: When Cartman begins taking half credit for the joke, Kyle tells Jimmy he should stand up to Cartman.

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I thought it was hysterical. The question is whether these statements, and their gay-bashing counterparts, impact my love for his art. Kanye later deleted his rant, saying there had been a misunderstanding and he wanted to be positive. Kanye has an epiphany about his own massive ego and believes he finally understands the joke. West grows angry when others say he does not get it, and will not allow anyone to explain it to him, because he claims to be a genius and "the voice of a generation". Not only that, but West regrets having once said that "gays really know how to dress".

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