Best arguments against gay marriage

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In reality, marriage is a societal institution. Yes, Ann Widdecombewe do. While the production of children may indeed be a feature of many heterosexual marriages the capacity to procreate does not determine the legal validity of such marriages. This position stresses that states have a constitutional right to make their own decisions about the legalization of same-sex marriage which may include banning it. My search for an alternative set of conceptual tools led me to Michael Sandelone of America's best-known living political philosophers.

best arguments against gay marriage
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If marriage only exists for the purpose of having childrenthen how can infertile couples be allowed to marry?

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But, as everyone should know, passion and reason are complementary. I disagree. Closely connected with the idea that marriage is necessarily religious is the belief that marriage is sacred or even a type of sacrament. Equality before the law, freedom of choice, non-discrimination, human rights.

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There was a time when a man and a woman of different races couldn't marry each other.

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