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She was talking in complete sentences by 2. Two major studies, published by Gartrell and Bos and Biblarz and Staceyare often cited by gay activists and extensively in the media. He loves to cuddle, read bedtime stories with us and helps out when asked. But it was almost a non-event. He may need to be in a social skills group run by a school counselor. Being a parent is an exercise in expecting the unexpected. His father never took time or effort to spend with him in cultivating a relationshp.

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After some soul-searching and many late-night talks with my husband, we decided to first tell the parents of his closest friends so they could be ready to answer any questions.

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Growing up with gay parents: What is the big deal?*

Maybe your son is having problems with a friend in school and taking it out on you because he feels you're a safe target. The problem is that mothers have to do all the care-taking details: But name-calling, yelling, or telling you to go away is unacceptable. Lately we have become more and more concerned about our son who is very emotional. You know, things like talking.

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He plays lots of games with my boyfriend of three years and I, and he is really well adjusted to the way things are. Praise Politeness Pay extra attention when your child is exhibiting positive behaviors instead of negative ones. The author recommended further research. His bad feelings are spreading to his sisters, who, I guess, are not having social problems in school, so he feels even worse when he compares himself to them. He is frustrated very easily and consquently cries, gets anxious and tries to throws tantrums at times.

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