Dallas gay bathhouse raided

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Can anyone name a straight Sex Club in Texas? It was an astonishing story, and few could believe something reportedly homophobic could go down at the bar, known as the epicenter for a revolt against anti-gay police raids. Finally, perhaps, one might think the law is intended to dissuade certain types of sexual expression, namely casual anonymous sex, but such a law, as one person above noted, is probably unconstitutional due to Lawrence. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. In a state of collapse. Gay sex is going to happen, and it might as well occur inside a building instead of outdoors.

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What she's saying is ridiculous, as we don't live in a nation where the mere fact someone was arrested means that they were doing something illegal.

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Remembering The Ariston Baths, New York’s First Anti-Gay Raid

We want to know your opinion on this issue! Jeff Welcome back to everyone! A token membership fee does not work to make a place a private club, and this has been tested to failure in the courts many times. And in what condition was the penis of the defendant, after he had withdrawn it from the anus of Bennett? If the police tell you that a private club is legally a public space, and if you agree to sign a paper and pay a fine you won't have to do prison time, it's easy to just sign it and hope that the whole thing will go away. It was in a state of erection. You'd think that a society that prides itself in being enlightened and advanced would think of some solution for these people, some acceptable outlet for their desire because gay sex is always going to happen, but, hey, we're not all that far ahead of those other countries we love to criticize for being homophobic.

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This is like a horrible step back in time and should be a wake up call that we need to get out there and stand up and fight back before they do take us back to The only media outlet reporting this is the local LGBT paper, the Dallas Voiceso there won't be a media storm here like there was in Ft. The judge had no problem voicing his distaste over the case, and wrote in his opinion: This is not the Ariston Bathhouse. And everyone who goes there knows what to expect. It was so terrible, such an unpleasant experience that neither of us could have predicted. I think that's a fairly asinine argument; moreover, from a policy perspective, don't we want gay sex to happen in a building made for it?

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