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Quantitative studies We could find only four published studies 4101518 and one unpublished quantitative study of prostate cancer in GBM. LGBT health disparities accessing medical care exist. While the occurrence of sexual-related side-effects affects homosexual and heterosexual men equally, some research has suggested that these impacts may take a larger toll on quality of life in gay or bisexual men. Sexual factors and the risk of prostate cancer. Given the high specificity of the PSA assay in women, a positive test for PSA is unlikely to occur without exposure to semen. Sexual dysfunction in the United States.

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Handbook of Contemporary Families:

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Gay and Bisexual Men & Prostate Cancer

Similarly, PSA detection may be affected by whether ejaculation occurred. It's been well known for years that one should not get a PSA blood draw shortly after having your doc do a DRE, and the more massaging done, the greater the probability of elevated PSA. Challenges of prostate cancer: Visceral fat and sit-ups. Results from the prostate cancer outcomes study. I would go from a PSA of 3 to a 6 or 7, and have to take the test again. However, of the 13 men reporting sex in the last 48 hours, only one did not report having a bowel movement in the time between last RAI and his examination.

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The literature search on publications in English since yielded 28 articles 3—58—32 a conference abstract 33 was also published as a full article 4 and 2 others 3435 were identified through searching reference lists, for a total of 30 published articles, a rate of 1. Given these self-reports, we detected PSA in substantially fewer men than expected, especially compared to similar work in women 3. Distress and depression in men who have sex with men: The psychosocial impact of prostate cancer on patients and their partners. Footnotes Conflicts of Interest: The literature on prostate cancer in GBM is sparse. Incidence and risk factors for the occurrence of non-AIDS-defining cancers among human immunodeficiency virus-infected individuals.

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