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I must have moved and his eyes came straight toward me. I was never one for gym class, but I always love being in the locker rooms, the must of guy sweat, the smell, and the thought of what would go one with all those hunks showering together after school during sports, how could you not get a friggin boner! Randy is twenty-two and as you would expect is in incredible physical condition. In the mean time of me fucking mat like crazy, I felt something in my ass, it was a tongue, then a finger. It became true at last.

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Then Greg stopped, and I kept fucking matt.

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Then he pulled down the zipper. He to had a nice chest, very muscular. Heath and Travis - more than friends. Continuing adventures of Clint, a young highschool student.

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Well today was different I was soaked in sweat and I didn't think anyone would be in there.

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