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My best friend was having a hard time meeting friends and asked me how I made them when I moved back to San Francisco, and I said, well, I have Grindr, and gay bars, and circuit parties, and I just see people again and again and friendships come naturally. Found this article useful? Tell us about the reasoning and importance behind showcasing a gay-straight male friendship? For one, the timing of when these friendships form may be crucial. Help knowledge-based, ethical journalism today. It was still there after a couple of rewrites, and when we went into rehearsals, the actress who played Rebecca pointed out that she often had people say that to her and her husband who was whiteand it had a clearly racial tinge to it.

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Many straight men hesitated to befriend gay menfearing harassment, rejection from their straight friends or being called gay. Just as a gay man might be able to pass on advice about women to his straight friend, a straight man could connect his gay male friend with another desirable gay man, since neither the gay man nor his straight friend are competing for the same person. You self-funded the first two episodes of this series, why did you set out to create Paper Boys? Available editions United Kingdom. And what determines whether these friendships prosper? The growing acceptance of homosexualityhowever, has allayed some of these fears. This was one of our most important goals.

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Student in Psychology, Wilfrid Laurier University. But I hope that at least it feels like those facets we do represent feel real. Out ExclusivesTV. Beyond Good and Evil? Available editions United Kingdom.

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