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So in gay magazines, while the front section is full of holiday features and interviews with gay celebrities or cute-boy eye candy off the telly, the back is full of rent-boy ads: The facts and conclusions presented may have since changed and may no longer be accurate. Others are just as caught up as Chris is, or even more so, and not the slightest bit aware. When it is pointed out to him that, in the big cities at least, many heterosexuals can easily pick out some gay men precisely because of their hypermasculinity--the big pecs, tight shirts, close-cropped hair--and thus the term "seems gay" could in fact mean someone with those qualities, he rephrases: I am glad that the number of gay bars is decreasing. Why always blaming homosexuality for everything? Don't talk to me like that anonymous, I was merely stating the fact of our own devices.

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Because the life stages drummed into straight men - school, job, marriage, children, college fund, retirement, grandchildren - are unavailable to us.

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Why are gay men so self-centered, selfish and narcissists?

OP's post should have set off a shitstorm of "Oh, Dear. Why always blaming homosexuality for everything? Take for instance the way the series seemed to luxuriate in the tedium of its subjects' lives, showing a patience, love, and tenderness for the characters, even when they didn't show it for themselves. We are damaged goods. It was an imperfect show that perfectly depicted imperfect gay men and so it only makes sense that it was divisive. Yet most times they are self-centered, selfish and narcissists.

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Everyone goes through hard times and with those obsticels they are supposed to build you as a good person make one stronger. The findings suggest they view their relationships with women as patriarchal rather than egalitarian, the authors said. While Looking wasn't perfect, it was at least getting there. It is sad that even gays stigmatise their own kind applying negative qualities as if they knew every gay guy in this world. Loading comments… Trouble loading?

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