How to come out as gay

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Trans peer support groups — full list. Having someone to talk to and getting emotional support can help you deal with the stresses of coming out. They will sympathize with you and might be able to help you through the road ahead. Having faith and being gay are not mutually exclusive! Choose the first person you come out to wisely. Not Helpful 6 Helpful Understand that it is not necessary to tell everyone at one time; everyone reacts differently, so tell each person separately at an appropriate time, when you have privacy and sufficient time to discuss it.

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Remember that you yourself took time to get used to your sexuality, so others may need time to get used to the idea too.

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Coming Out

Chat to us 7 days a week. Just think though, those people who you will be telling will have a split second to give you a reaction. Everyone should come out in their own time. No age is too old or young, it is about what is best for you. The whole community does not need to know unless you are comfortable in being totally out, and are safe and independent enough to do so. Be proud of who you are! While coming out can be a challenging time most people get a positive and supportive response from family and friends and feel happy that they made the decision to come out.

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Be reasonably sure that the first people you tell will be positive and supportive, and save coming out to other people until after you've had a little bit of practice in telling someone about it. For example, if you are a lesbian, explain how synthetic sperm can be made of a woman's bone marrow, allowing a lesbian couple to be biological parents. Consider coming out by writing a note or making a video if you're too nervous to say it to the person's face. It is very easy to let the anxieties and fears around coming out completely take over the experience. If you are a family member of a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender person and you feel you need support, please see our section on families.

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