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She laughed delightfully beckoning to me to crawl forward to her, as I did so she slid forward on the seat; her sex was right in front of me. Lynx and I only release our cock cage for the toilet, for which, on every occasion we have to sit; and of course when we shower. I walked to and fro in case a video camera gave her a view of me teetering on high heels, legs encased in sheer black stockings with skimpy red G string. Tags Portal Chat Forum. She was then untied and told to stand in her Mistress's marble hallway, she hobbled to do as instructed and the need to pee grew stronger as she walked. Upload successful User avatar uploaded successfuly and waiting for moderation.

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My thoughts drifted back to the erotic dance Solange had performed, tantalisingly covering her sex with just glimpses here and there of her cock.

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My Mistress sagged onto my prostrate body, my cock had been rubbing along the carpet for some while now and as I sucked the last of her lovely cum gently from the tip of her cock I came, the most explosive ejaculation I've ever experienced. I was in heaven sucking and mouth wanking my Mistress, I increased my sucking as she pushed harder into my throat choking me now with the urgency of her thrust, I could hardly breathe, she was plunging in so far and so violently. Next 3 Pages: Without saying a word mistress Chen grabbed Lynx's cock, pulled and pushed her foreskin back, which was all Lynx needed to make her cum, splashing over the mistress's long boots.

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Fastening it with a gold chain to my navel ring and a short strap under my balls to a thankfully small butt plug, which she licked and shoved up my ass.

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