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West Virginia. Subjects were asked a number of questions, including questions relating to same-sex activity. Algora Publishing, Staycations were the only travel category to see an increase in Fried's analysis of General Social Survey data shows the percentage of United States males reporting homosexual activity for three time periods: Here is a rundown of how some prominent companies and brands have addressed LGBT issues -- ranging from political and personal actions by high-profile CEOs to product advertising to workplace policies.

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Many of the questions are asked in consistent ways to a similar study panel, in order to identify LGBT travel trends and changes over time.

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In this survey, when given a long list of potential motivators, health and fitness-related responses were near the bottom of the motivators, and often last on the lists. It could also indicate that with tightening budgets, LGBT travelers prefer to spend more time enjoying the sights and experiences of the destination, rather than spend limited time in a gym. San Jose -Sunnyvale-Santa Clara. Psychology Today.

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The findings explores tourism and hospitality opportunities in the gay and lesbian market.

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