Transgendered mtf wears female underclothes

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All of Bluestockings' inventory is warehoused by Kadlec, so her cashflow is wrapped up in physical product. Thank you again and best wishes. Now please check your email to confirm your subscription. Because of this, the resulting look is one that many gender fluid or non-binary lingerie wearers find especially pleasing. I've had a customer tell me the only reason tey felt comfortable coming out as trans to their family is that they had the right underwear in that moment.

Foxers Forest Green Boyshort via Foxers.

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Related Posts Androgynous Underwear Review: My bottoms for being out of the house are a pair of MeUndies Cheeky Briefs https: I'd love to hear from you about what kind of lingerie works best for your bodies and your styles. Foxers Forest Green Boyshort via Foxers.

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Other transfeminine folks: