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Translated by Robert Hurley. They have a dark side or a sad side or they've been through stuff. The Gay Novel in America. I think she was so fearless and strong for her time. It does not matter if Dickson was lesbian or bisexual or straight all that matters is the amazing poetry she left us and indeed this letter is so beautiful, romantic and sincere.

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Close examination of Dickinson's poems and their manuscripts reveals that the eroticism presented is often neither only lesbian nor only straight.

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Gay Literature: Poetry and Prose

March "They're heeeere. And then there were all these other letters Emily wrote to Susan that were just sitting there. Williams in Art and Morals: There was never any question of her stepping outside the family and social boundaries. Publications Pages Publications Pages. Cast in a mould peculiar to the finest physical examples of those Englishmen in whom the Saxon strain would seem not at all to partake of any Norman or other admixture, he showed in face that humane look of reposeful good nature which the Greek sculptor in some instances gave to his heroic strong man, Hercules. That's a good question.

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Far from limiting erotic possibility, Dickinson allows the sexual identities of her speakers and addressees to oscillate between lesbian and straight, thus letting the erotic experiences she describes in her love poetry shift back and forth along a continuum of multiple eroticisms. If she were lesbian, how did it affect her writing? More open and honest, more freely expressive, probably because they were lifelong friends. That's what I love about Madeleine's work. Did you always know that the movie would be a comedy? I think labeling anyone is boxing them in and cutting off their wings.

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