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When they broke apart for air Bart wasted no time and took his blue haired friend by hand into the living room. He was hurting but he didn't want to cry; not about this. He chose not to pull away and instead he began to kiss back. I knew that there was something different going on because you and Milhouse seem a lot closer than normal. After his father got custody of Milhouse and brought him back to Springfield, the kids stopped thinking Milhouse was a cool boy so everything went back to normal. He felt awful, he never liked it when he made Milhouse cry even before they had realized that they had had feelings for each other. Because of his grandmother's beatings when he spoke English, Milhouse learned Italian and started to wet his bed.

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As a lead character he always survives and recovers, often with no further mention of any injuries.

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Pamela Hayden: Milhouse Van Houten

Tap Ball Daily Training He cannot come up with a real answer and admits that it is due to geographical reasons, though Bart has admitted that he really loves Milhouse. It's like you read my mind," Milhouse said pulling Bart into a deep kiss. Milhouse harbors a hopeless crush on Bart's younger sister, Lisaand he is usually clumsy around females. Your review has been posted. Mimi Pond writer Matt Groening designer.

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Bart pulled out his cell and quickly called Marcie. Unknown to both teens Lisa was listening to the whole conversation. I started to have some strong feelings about you and everything I felt for Lisa fell away. Student at Springfield Elementary. The screen to the window was removed a while ago making it easier for both boys to come and go.

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