Estrogen best for transgender

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The cornerstone of therapy, as expressed by the Endocrine Society, is to maintain sex steroid levels in the normal physiologic range for that gender. Oestrogen and anti-androgen therapy for transgender women. In the forums for My Evanesce, a website for feminizing herbal extracts, anonymous users identified themselves as being from a wide range of ages and at varying states of transition and shared their stories of trying to navigate their medical care. This research is far from what would be needed to confirm that these supplements have a measurable effect on human hormone levels, however. Retrieved 13 June Bodybuilding supplement Breast enlargement supplement Clitoris enlargement Ergogenic use of anabolic steroids Growth hormone therapy Hormonal breast enhancement Transgender hormone therapy Feminizing hormone therapy Masculinizing hormone therapy Penis enlargement Performance-enhancing substance.

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Published online May 1.

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Natural transition

Introducing exogenous hormones into the body impacts it at every level and many patients report changes in energy levels, mood, appetite, etc. We recommend that transgender women receiving estradiol therapy have hormone levels monitored so that therapy can be individualized. Many apocrine glands — a type of sweat gland — become inactive, and body odor decreases. Decreased prostate gland size. Numerous other progestogens and by extension antigonadotropins have been used to suppress testosterone levels in men and are likely useful for such purposes in transgender women as well. In studies examining spironolactone use in the treatment of hirsutism, no change in baseline testosterone levels has been found although cyproterone acetate, a progestational compound, did lead to a decrease.

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A total of 25 Estrogens and progestogens can cause prolactinomaswhich are prolactin -secreting tumors of the pituitary gland. This manifests most significantly as an increased risk for venous thromboembolism VTE: There were no significant interaction effects, and spironolactone had no statistically significant effect on testosterone testosterone increased Nat Clin Pract Oncol. This is especially likely with hair growth from previously bald areas. The addition of a progestogen may increase energy, although it may increase appetite as well.

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