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Harry felt extremely sorry for Malfoy but he couldn't help himself quickly paging to page 8 Harry stared at the photo. I have no doubt that his proud father will disown him and leave him without a cent. When the two turned to him, he went on, "I'm not sure what you think you're getting at, but like I said, I'm not gay. But there's a feisty light in their eyes, they looks like fun. Slash, as per the title, but no pairing yet.

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He glared down at the traitor briefly, but tried to keep his voice still and calm, "Malfoy?

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I know, he's not a slut in general, but for purposes of this story and its partner he is. Harry reached towards his face, but let his hand drop. Not a nasty school girl, but a demure one, skirt down to her knees and all. Then he got completely drunk and Blaise had to pull him down from the stripper pole. Harry thought about it for a moment, but he didn't really need the time.

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Harry thought it made her look a bit like a kitten. The demure brunette was Neville, the feisty red headed twins were Fred and George, and the big-chested pornographic girl was Seamus. Your review has been posted. Dumbledore didn't answer right away, 'Harry, I believe he would like to be taken out of Hogwarts. It showed a busty brunette dressed as a schoolgirl. Harry stared in shock at his own outstretched hand, fingers curled in a loose circle. But it may be difficult for one person to accept.

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