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All these things you need to know going in. There are reasons men get incarcerated. We try to raise awareness on broader issues of prison expansion, policing, and criminalization in the LGBT community. Soon, an officer flung the gate open, and we jostled our way through, becoming bottle-necked at the entrance to the blocks. He left prison after six months, thanks to good behaviour, returned to his family, and devised a year career plan to override the lack of references and the stain on his record. This might include your own history of imprisonment, parole conditions, or added surveillance you are under as a result of this, etc, that you think your inside penpal should know.

gay inmates who want letters
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On Thursdays only, inmates could do three things:

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Please just let us know so we can find them a new penpal. We encourage everyone to do what feels right for themselves while at the same time looking deeper at what might reduce fear as we try to build connections and community across prison walls. Or if kids are listed or shown in pics on one site and not the other.

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It is apparently accepted that gay men are generous and fall in love quickly

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