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Michael Stuetz and Bart Sammut Email: As Ke descends further and further into a world of hedonism as a hotly desired sex worker, he finds himself increasingly emotionally detached. Every year, free entrance is granted to all these events: Set in the mids, this dramedy with vibrant musical numbers artfully explores issues of sexuality, patriotism, and the power of individuality — all set to a throbbing new wave beat. Conversations With Gay Elders:

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If you have comments, updates, or suggestions, please email them to Mel at Follow me on twitter QFilmFests. Through cross-editing of the characters, viewer comments, and footage from the entire video blogosphere, their lives are woven into one collective journey. Ana Stephens, Programmer Email: A temp job as a domestic working for the energetic Ans Jenny Arean leads to Yad meeting her hunky blonde grandson Joris Josha Stradowski. Doris Senn, Roland Loosli Email: Be the first one to rate this festival! Joao Ferreira, Director and Programmer Email:

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Sint-Michielshelling 2, Ghent, Belgium. But can this be more than just a hot, summer fling? Manny de Guerre Email: A warm, lively portrait of a virtuosic theater artist is the result. Kommunales Kino Postfach Weiterstadt, Germany. As Eva revels in her pregnancy and Roger fantasizes about his role in this new family, Kat feels like a third wheel, and suddenly what was meant to enrich their lives threatens to pull them apart.

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