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I love it when a tv show, a movie hell even certain songs can make me cry, I actually find them all the better for it. They're not hetrosexual eitehr. Aragorn obviously starting to find Frodo strangely attractive. A human sees an elf dude making out with an elf chick, for all he knows its two effeminate elf dudes making out, and he assumes all elf dudes are gay. Am quite sure Gimli fancies me. Climbed up Caradhras but wimpy humans who cannot walk on snow insisted we climb back down. Latest Videos Reviews Everything.

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I think the stereotype comes from the fact they are quite thin and effeminate looking.

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Pretty much every person I meet ends up asking me if I am gay. Hence the change from mech to a drow in my avatar. Does it even matter? Stand tall Not a pun there is nothing wrong with it, imo hehe. All I can say is wow, people really do go crazy. How is that not "manly" enough to stop people hating on the Elves?

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Legolas not a stuck up pretty boy!! How did I know that was going to be Legolas before I even clicked it. I don't really care, they do what they want, just don't involve me. In more recent years I have come to not really care about it. I was wearing that same look at least 1, years ago.

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