Gay men with painted toe nails

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I think her open acceptance and encouragement was what I needed to get over my trepidation because after that, I just kept wearing them painted. Creativity Creativity People are not happy about 4 Oscars to be handed out during commercial breaks Creativity Study: That makes me feel so soft and many of my girlfriend agree. That may help you get past the feelings of self awareness with it, and then you will be more comfortable wearing it anywhere. Wearing nail polish might have drawn comments in the past like "so gay" or "feminie", but today, it's not that way anymore. How cool is that?

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Will the site be changing to be less macho?

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What A Gay Guy Learned From Painting His Nails

I have been painting my toes for a coupe of years. But only stay within what YOU are comfortable with. I've loved showing off my french pedicured toes this summer and have got many smiling stares from both men and women. Its very hard to give further advice since obviously all wives are different. I am wearing them openly in public and mostly select a nice burgundy colour. Hi Sissyboy Well done!

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I just like the fact that I have nice feet. I never wear nail polish on all 10 fingers. Since then, i have ventured out more and told more trusyworthy people, and its such a rush and makes you feel good telling people. I have been wearing this in my normal day to day activities, gym swimming etc. That was the original marketing concept.

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