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Any old Hollywood fans have any info? It's understandable that 19 year old Madge would fall in love with a young, juicy, Hal; he stirs her passions, even if he's a ne'er do well. And while it's possible to read in Alan's suppressed lust for Hal, it was really poor old Howard who was awakened to his repressed homosexuality by Hal's presence. It always reminded me of what a movie star Novak was, even with such little acting talent. Jamming such a grand, mythical reverie into the format of a modern thriller — literalising the enigma — is a doomed project. Well, she was a little more than that, R The thing about that is that the movie has a scene with Angela Lansbury that is one of the best things about it and that is NOT in the play!

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You think just cause you're strong you can show your muscles and nobody'll know what a pitiful specimen you are.

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R66, it's all the fears and realities people are afraid to confront in their lives. She said he was determined to become a star but never quite made it. Actually, the real-life person that Hal was based on was a damn good dancer and had won regional dance competitions. Maybe I can post a pic. You just know Mom is right- "Madge, don't do it.

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Maybe I can post a pic. At 21 you can believe anything is still possible. Holden is attractive, but it's not like he's a hot young stud. You can tell Joshua Logan had a thing for the boys. Nick Adams was a repressed and closeted homo with a fame fixation. Only a misogynist could come up with a name like Juanita Badger. She said he was determined to become a star but never quite made it.

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