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Karis et al, foreclosure. A loose chronological organization weaves the chapters nearly seamlessly, and each section describes a different component to disco culture before discussing how it is interwoven with the next. Cambridge Home Health Care, dismissed. I lost some interest at the end, but interesting if you enjoy disco music. I found the careful history of interlocking movements -- gay, black, feminist -- to be well-handled. Broadway, used to be the city's lesbian bar.

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As someone who lived through the era, but was a clueless teenager at the time, this was eye-opening and engrossing.

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I'd like to know more about how and why disco went from being a "subversive, politically incendiary" music to a "safe" and "silly" object of nostalgia which Echols hints at in the closing chapter. I learned that the famous "Disco Break" the break in the music before you whip the dance crowd back into a frenzy comes from gospel music. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Union Federal Bank et al v. Miller and James M. Deutsche Bank National Trust v. The author uses a bit of drama in her family history as an excuse to poke her nose into these topics.

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Nonstop music was central to the "throbbing lights, the engulfing sound, the heightened energy, and the hyberbolic heat," which together created what gay journalist Andrew Kopkind described as the feeling that "the world is enclosed in this hall, that there is only now, in this place and time. Feb 10, Matthew rated it really liked it. I lost some interest at the end, but interesting if you enjoy disco music. Trivia About Hot Stuff: Cappitte and Lori A. I'm not sure myself, but it's something a lot more interesting to talk about rather than focusing on rock is only for white guys see you later Living Color - you don't matter and chicks like boppy pop bye bye Bikini Kill and Sleater-Kinney - you're not guys so you can't make rock.

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