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Oddly, he never put on a feminine voice, speaking in a deep voice, save the occasional flitting hand gesture. Even Omega says that many wrestling fans have made homophobic comments to him online since reuniting with his partner. Though neither wrestler self-identifies as gay nor has displayed sexual attraction to the other, their story arc and recent reunification made us want to recount nine other gay wrestling characters in American pro-wrestling. He also famously put makeup onto his defeated rivals to humiliate and emasculate them, his queer calling card. Both wrestlers ended up being beaten in the match by a male wrestler named Crash Holly who interrupted and pinned them both. Afterwards, Omega became a villain in a group of wrestlers known as The Bullet Club, angrily refusing to discuss Ibushi in interviews.

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When the duo of Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo began wrestling together, they increasingly became physically affectionate with one another, eventually adopting matching red wrestling outfits and dyeing their hair blond.

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Grappling With Homophobia: A Short, Campy History of 9 Gay Pro-Wrestling Characters

The Golden Lovers storyline saw the friendly tag-team partners split in Then two other wrestlers jumped in the ring to beat up the couple and trash the makeshift wooden flower trellis that had served as their altar, effectively turning a sham gay wedding into a pseudo gay-bashing. In Mayhe eventually got his own talkshow segment in the World Wrestling Federation called The Flower Shop in which he interviewed wrestlers within a makeshift florist shop while using a microphoned bouquet. What is it with gay wrestling characters and blond hair? This post is also available in: Despite the weird intro gimmick, his bisexuality never really amounted to much in terms of storylines or characterizations.

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However, they handled his bisexual persona in cheesy way. His real-life wife eventually played his ringside valet, as a sort of s valkyrie. In fact, most characters have been outright homophobic, caving to sissy stereotypes while silently closeting real-life gay or bi wrestlers. Orlando Jordan, DTF baby! He also famously put makeup onto his defeated rivals to humiliate and emasculate them, his queer calling card. The two often hugged and were filmed giving each other gifts and helping one another stretch backstage. He once kissed his male and female valet at ringside, claimed to have a crush on a his tag-team partner and appeared once, his chest covered in silver splatters, to intimidate an opponent.

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