How many bodybuilders are gay

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R7 If you type "bodybuilding homoerotic" on twitter there are a lot of comments on it XD. Click Here for a sample. R92 There have been few openly gay. But this one differs from Rhodes in that Rhodes isn't into white twinks. Reading how the bodybuilding industry is greatly sustained by gay fans was glorious.

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R I agree just due to the homoeroticism I pay attention to some age and notice there's no lady or kids for some.

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What Is It About Russian Bodybuilders? (100 Photos)

Bodybuilders use dildos more often than non-bodybuilders. That actually would be hilarious. I just think the bodybuilding community just need accept that the hobby is homoerotic, and the bodybuilders love the attention either way. He does "no homo" a lot. I wonder what the "business" actually is. It always amazes me how any bodybuilding fans calls anything gay when they are a fan of something as gay as bodybuilding is. Bodybuilding - Total Homo:

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Grow the fuck up. I wondered that too. Why not share the link, R16? That guys is projecting his inner feelings on other in the form of accusation. Most of the heterosexual men don't feel any interest in wathcing nearly naked men doing suggestive poses on a stage.

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