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How were we able to drink up the sea? They knew how to live. The inclination to such a thing would have been regarded as madness; for all miseries and terrors were associated with being alone. The Element of Moral Scepticism in Christianity Physicians of the Soul and Pain. First published in Spurred by the good feeling of this perspective, the members of the knightly caste became accustomed to treating each other with exquisite courtesy.

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We only have created the world which is of any account to man.

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Something for the Industrious. We construct a new picture, which we see immediately with the aid of all the old experiences which we have had, always according, to the degree of our honesty and justice. The Quotable Nietzsche. Offensiveness in Expression.

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I see in many men an excessive impulse and delight in wanting to be a function; they strive after it, and have the keenest scent for all those positions in which precisely they themselves can be functions.

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