Religious debates on gay marriage

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For example, while the Vatican and most of the Roman Catholic hierarchy oppose same sex marriages, there are a few Catholic theologians who support gay marriages. It includes everything from segregationist churches in the US who wish to discriminate on the basis of race, to pacifist Quakers looking to withhold tax that goes to defence spending. The link between religiosity and resistance to change is fairly evident, insofar as religions tend to value traditionalism and maintenance of the societal status quo i. Minority stress and physical health among sexual minority individuals. Translational Issues in Psychological Science. At the same time, religious doctrine emphasizes values such as compassion and tolerance, which seem more consistent with supporting marriage equality than opposing it. They felt free to differ with each other; this is evidence of the liveliness of the debate, made possible by the fact that Hinduism has no one hierarchy or leader.

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This would protect religious organisations from the indirect association with same sex marriage that may concern them.

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Religious views on same-sex marriage

Archived from the original on Social Science Research40 Some of the direct relationships among these variables have been explored in prior studies, but our work contributes significantly to the psychological literature by investigating these variables simultaneously in an integrated theoretical model that enables us to explore indirect relationships as well. Sexuality Research and Social Policy3 In the current research program, we investigated whether religious opposition to same-sex marriage has ideological roots in the desire to maintain the societal status quo. For these reasons, it is unlikely that Buddhists will easily approve a law to allow gay marriage. Especially in light of the number of variables included in the model, we deemed it important to replicate these findings in an independent sample of participants.

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Direction of effects in mediation analysis. Religious arguments for and against marriage rights for same-sex couples are not always evenly divided among theologically conservative religious groups and liberal groups. In Australia, the tendency has been to treat the freedom of religion on contested questions as an exemption to sex discrimination laws. Minority stress and mental health in gay men. MCC has been a leading force in the development of Queer theology. The sex may change but the soul retains its attachments, hence the love impels these souls towards one another.

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