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This one-day course provides a specific methodology for agile QA professionals to interact with the Scrum agile methodology. Frustrated with the lack of structure in the testing program, Bill began working on a more comprehensive approach to software quality. Both my parents were from conservative Republican Christian families. Although the Constitution establishes religious freedom, it was written at a time when the vast majority of Americans in some way believed in and worshiped the God of the Christian Bible. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here:

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And I never found my parents, family, or their friends to be very shy about discussing political and moral beliefs.

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Why Today’s GOP Is Bad for the US

They gave us a system that allows the people to choose their leaders, entrust them with governing authority, yet hold them accountable for their decisions. Democrats get elected by promising to give people programs. Since leaving the DOD, Bill has worked on projects in defense, computer manufacturing, publishing, network security, financial, state and local governments. The Affordable Care Act was developed, negotiated, and fairly passed. Perhaps I can state my case best by summarizing the political views I remember from my childhood as an imaginary conversation with my current self.

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Even our non-church extra-curricular activities happened at places that were primarily conservative, Republican, and Christian. Using presentations, interactive discussions, and exercises, Bill will provide you with a framework for delivering solid testing and quality assurance services to the Scrum Team. Our Founding Fathers never intended government to get as big as it has. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Although the Bible commands that when we have two coats, we give one to the person who has none, we should be free to give what we choose, to whom we choose, when we choose, answering directly to God, not government. With the current issue of Obamacare:

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