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The two officially became married on November 27,only four days after his supposed retirement. Growing up as a gay lad in Barnsley — before social media or dating apps and without an educational policy that could inform and educate students responsibly — I did rely on episodes of Will and Grace for my initiation into the gay world. Why don't you try telling us JonnyBGood and let the mods decide? Children, and young teenagers, tend to take things on a very "face value" basis and have little to compare things with to check if it is fair or not and that is where the major danger of stereotyping lies. To have 11 year olds talk about being gay or straight beggers belief and shows that there is just too much talked about being open with your sexuality, especially with kids who are plainly not old enough to know. Display Name not set. He has been criticised for his stereotypical depiction of gay men and for building a career on using bizarre and extreme antics to "parody" a social minority.

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Is this really just good fun?

There were repeated shoots of his catch phrase "Fuuuu! But yes we should be aware and sensitive to this type of behaviour. Or when he came to the unsolicited defense of a woman being pursued down the street by a sleazeball. When I tried to write that the Russians are usually portrayed on TV as big stupid violent mafioso bullies that was meant to illustrate the fact that gay and lesbian people is not the only category which is stereotyped on television. Thanks to Alan Cumming, who brings to the character boundless personality and panache, Reinhardt is a new kind of TV sleuth:

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The portrayal of gay people on television is mostly stereotyped. Don't try so hard! So why did i see it differently when i was in my mid twenty's? Surely some people out there are laughing at Hard Gay in earnest. It seems almost obligatory for TV soaps to run a 'gay' storyline these days.

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