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Big Scoob] Walk with me as I journey through the five block The division from the villain for my nigga Rock Ain't much different in my gutter than them Watts gutters The only difference in my gutter: Ride Or Die B. There's nothin' real about these niggas in this game Be enterprising - do not wait until she writes the first message. Ya wanna battle, huh? Cal in the I laugh at niggas that wanna' get buried in cemeteries next to they bitches, an' get thrown wit' bricks tied to they Lebron's, the game we play is chess- them niggas is pawns, you the first pieces we take off the board because, I'ma king that's from Queens, an' then it's the whole regime, beta' known as the team, big shout to my nigga Preme, it ain't nothin' illegal about keepin' ya' cash clean, when you sellin' millions of records, an' send me some jeans muthafucka

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Ride Or Die B. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Ja Rule] The world is blind so now I gotta spit it in braille, that raw coked up flow you can put in the scales, so when niggas start dyin' can't nobody tell, it's jus' an' overdose injection of that braille, Rule, when I come thru' can't nobody move me, I'm exclusive cop some new shit every Tuesday, excuse me- bitch, I'm one of a kind, when I die study my mind an' dupe' the design, now I'm inclined people say tha' I'm ahead of my time, whoever said that they must'a had they nose on tha' line, I'm not even in my prime yet, a veteran in this muthafuckin' rap shit, what religion you practice, a pristical baptist or catholic, I can't really say I'm religious- an' to that I'ma witness, but I'm spiritual that's why I keep the Lord in the picture, We gon' have some fun I cannot think of a good opening sentence, so will we just say good-bye. Ja Rule] I'm here to put you all through the pressure like nobody ever, 'cause everytime I shoot nothing but fo' n beta, An' them slugs get heada' your way any day fella, 'cause when murder reigns you gona' need umbrellas, Kevlar an' a whole lot of gun runners, you hotdog niggas hide your relish, ain't shit to tell us, I keep the army, an' they stay armed- best stay the fuck from 'round me, unless your desire leads you to touch the dream, I be in back of the back, A.

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