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The films pointed out in the Huffington Post include: He can do it all. A quick Internet search will reveal this point, should you want to check it out. Some blogs have capitalized on the bad gossip and actually named blog posts in a way that hint at the juicy rumor in what may be an effort to drive traffic to their site. Identifies as Straight Dating History:

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Regardless, the rumor appears to be false.

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Upon reading the information on ONTD, it becomes fairly apparent the blog was being clever when choosing the posting title for the story, perhaps in an effort to drive traffic to the site. He offered the following as a response: Gay Pop Buzz Copyright Channing Tatum has lots of fans here at Gay Pop Buzz. Channing Tatum Bisexual, Gay or Straight? What follows are a few of the main accelerants that seem to fuel the gay gossip on Tatum, along with quotes from the sexy actor whenever possible to offer context.

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Next Kenny Chesney Gay or Straight? You can see how this kind of rumor keeps spreading in perpetuity, given the dynamics. You can do an Internet search and find them easily. While it appears what the actor said in Vulture was in jest, it was all that the gay gossip machine needed to go into big time overdrive. December 1, Warren Fields Man Crush. Super sexy Channing Tatum is one of the hottest celebrities on the planet.

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