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The council heard testimony from refugees fleeing Syria and Iraq. Frantic Arabic news commentators begin speaking over slow-motion footage of a masked IS executioner clutching what looks like a gleaming saif sword. Previous Page Next Page 1 of 6 You are currently viewing this article as a guest. So obsessed are the Islamists with discouraging the social mixing of the sexes that they have, by default, created highly charged homosocial environments. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the Syrian refugees who have made it to the fragile sanctuary of the Bekaa, the journeys of exile are far from tales of liberation.

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The Islamic State, which now controls much of the northern part of Syria, regards homosexuality as an abomination punishable by death. Syria under the Assads is no exception to this. Site maintained by Creode. Of course, that's just the experience of one individual and Hoff can still point to members of the Damascus gay community happily drinking in the Karnak bar. However, for anyone who knows the Damascus scene he was purporting to describe, or has even the vaguest understanding of how homosexuality plays out in the Arab world, there was a much more obvious giveaway. Furniture is sparse, curtains torn. Halim plays a video montage on his tablet.

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Arabian nightmare John R. Archived from the original on 25 February Retrieved 20 January It is over for you. The language of persecution comes from both sides. It is the first thing IS are asking for at checkpoints now: They reported that ISIS had claimed to have executed at least 30 people for "sodomy.

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