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Back at the mansion, Hannah B. Also I was certain at this point that nothing would ever happen between Jen and Ialso I regretted kissing her This is another example of the power of gossiping. Colton is kicking things off with a group date where he and the ladies will disclose their "firsts. I must admit I tried to stir a bit of controversy sometimes when it was getting really boring, but all the people who really know me find it hilarious that I somehow appear as a "villain".

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Did the guys know or figure out that you were gay or bisexual?

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Fabrice Gay-Balmaz's Email

January 24, at At the time, I often happen to go a gay club in Paris, as do lots of other straight guys, because the atmosphere was surreal there. Colton's getting a little celebrity help on his first date And I am not even talking of all the racist, derogatory anti-French comments After a few back-and-forths with Tracy this episode, Demi only appears to be upping the ante. The complete interview that Fabrice did with Jokersupdates. There's no advantage to be an older woman here," Demi, 23, tells the camera of Tracy,

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Do you feel bad that you were lying to Jen by not being honest about your sexual orientation? Demi is our New Villain? They are not technically making things up, but obviously everyone has a lot more sides to them than what is shown! The interviews last for hours and, as I was tired of having always the same lame questions, I would say shocking things, but then laugh it off! It finally came out of my mouth and I said, 'Zero. Yes I have lived here all my life.

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