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Results from the study indicate that fraternal birth order does not affect the age of preferred erotic targets and that fraternal birth order does not correlate with pedophilia. Furthermore, the SCN of homosexual males is extremely large both the volume and the number of neurons are twice as many as in heterosexual males. Retrieved 27 January This idea would be further supported if it could be demonstrated that causal biological factors, such as the fraternal birth order mechanism which is biological in natureare likely to influence the development of male homosexuality in non-Western cultures. We provide nature's Many individuals and societies refuse abortion and birth control. Follow Kiley on Twitter KileyCrossland.

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Behavioral Neuroscience.

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It is simply a matter of allowing LGBT people to come forward with confidence and enabling them to enjoy the same human rights that everyone else is free to enjoy. In some cases though, it appears that this switching off can occur in a non-random fashion. But his parents felt otherwise. The relation between number of older brothers and male homosexuality is not an artifact of higher maternal or paternal age at the time of the proband's birth.

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One possible exception was the amygdala, in which homosexual men showed greater activational differences between preferred and nonpreferred erotic stimuli compared with heterosexual men.

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