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Both Karofsky and Kurt cry as Karofsky describes why he attempted to take his own life. Emma suggests here, I think, the ways in which teachers ought to protect their students and the ways in which the ability of teachers to speak to their students freely can create a safer and less lonely space. Rachel ends the set by performing " Here's to Us ", and New Directions wins the competition, with the Warblers finishing second. And on silence and teachers, from the It Gets Better Project: Doing that was such an obstacle to overcome.

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He explains how suicide might feel like the only safe place amidst the violence and abuse, the only place away from the self-loathing, and a consequence of the isolation felt by Karofsky.

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9 Things “Glee” Did Right: On Bullying, Burt, Brittana, One Straight Butch and A Straight-Up Bitch

It was meant as a joke: Max Adler born January 17, is an American actor, known for his role as Dave Karofsky on the television series Glee and Tank on the television series Switched at Birth. Schuester sits the Glee club in a circle, reveals that he too once considered suicide granted it was because he was caught cheating, so not quite the same as what Karofsky is dealing withand asks all the glee members to volunteer things they are looking forward to in life. Not just acceptance, but a protective embrace, but loyalty. Max Adler as Dave Karofsky. Archived from the original on July 18, Retrieved February 28,

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Retrieved August 2, The other songs, all performances for the Regionals competition, received a mixture of reviews. Later in the season, he is identified as a member of the football team, and is a football player in the second season. Regionals opens with the Warblers performing two songs, " Stand " and " Glad You Came ", and the second group, the Golden Goblets, are strong performers as well. Just booking it was literally a dream come true. Retrieved April 30,

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