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He used the towel to clean his spunk off her and to clean her juices from her thighs. I gratefully obliged. We had "Faith" last year, about who deserves to live and who deserves to die. Her orgasm sent his Alpha seed shooting deep inside her, she laid her head on his chest. Jensen grinned and gently kissed his friend. Originally posted by weakspots If there were one thing distancing you from reality, it would be Tumblr. Jared and Reader go to Australia for Readers birthday and see different sights and experience different things and spending lots of time in the bedroom.

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Jared laid there humping and screwing me until finally, I felt his hot cum squirt up inside my ass.

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Show me…" He whispered. I mean, I know we're married and whatnot but you're the only one for me, Jare. Tagging some people at the bottom I think may enjoy:.

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But hey, who knew you were going to get the part?

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