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How targeted research and policy can improve health". Lesbian, gay, and bisexual LGB individuals have long served in the US military, despite a variety of policies that until very recently were designed to keep them out of service. Transgender Military Service in the United States. Secret handshakes and decoder rings: This group violates cultural norms with respect to both gender by virtue of being in the military and heterosexuality. For more information, see here: Policy changes that allowed open transgender service were announced in June, and are effective October 1,

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Victimization over the life span:

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Incorporating Lesbian and Bisexual Women into Women Veterans’ Health Priorities

Available data suggest that compared to heterosexual women veterans, LB women veterans are likely to experience heightened levels of prejudice and discrimination, victimization, including greater incidence of rape, as well as adverse health and substance use disorders. You may be able to access your military personnel records electronically by following the instructions here: Each participating team presents cases, while others listen and ask questions. Suicidal ideation among sexual minority veterans: If possible, this evidence should include proof of your legal name change and gender transition, such as a U. Veterans Administration health care utilization among sexual minority veterans.

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In a recent study comparing male and female LGB and heterosexual veterans, LGB veterans were more likely to report suicidal ideation, and this difference was partly explained by poorer mental health and lower social and emotional support. ABSTRACT Relative to the general population, lesbian and bisexual LB women are overrepresented in the military and are significantly more likely to have a history of military service compared to all adult women. PTSD in female veterans: Two Thirds One Third Column 1. Because the Defense of Marriage Act defines marriage for the federal government as a union between a man and woman, many of the benefits the military extends to spouses are not available to same-sex spouses of service members during either their active duty service or when they transition to veteran status, potentially creating financial stresses following service. If we ask, what they might tell:

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