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Do you remember that day? Do you remember me telling you how good it would feel for you to take off your pants when playing piano with me? Phineas arrived about half an hour later, with a suitcase in hand. Which makes them perfect slaves to be sold to wealthy men across the globe. Enslaved to the Alpha Master.

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Do you agree to fully submit to Master, become his eternal slave, and allow him control of your body, mind, and life?:

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I cannot resist, I always obey. Sell your own files. It was a bathroom selfie, of course, but after the Live Photo box went away, it immediately went to the solar app, where the picture was used as the profile pic for an account. Suddenly all that stress and those worries that melted away while you were in trance slowly creep back into your mind. New Arrivals On sale. Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. You will ache to be under my power again, to submit and return to your rightful place as my permanent slave.

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I was a bad slave two weeks ago, when for personnal reason I deleted my tumblr account. Play for me as you finally and completely surrender your body and your mind to me. And focus on only my words. Assimilation process removes pesky factors like free will, independent thought and memories of life, love and family. Alexa Rank Powered by Samba Worldwide. You will feel urges to submit to me.

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