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Gay people — including those whose feelings of attraction are largely or entirely out of their control, as well as those who have some elbow room for how they identify themselves linguistically in the public sphere — deserve to be treated with love and respect. However this is repressed to the point where we completely forget it; since "straight" is the most societally accepted, it becomes the standard, leaving being gay as the only other identity. I think that if society were more aware of bi-sexuality, it would not be punishing or rewarding any orientation. I identify as a butch lesbian, but I remember when I was in school, I was attracted to both boys and girls. And then, finally, in the face of all this, struggling gay men and women had something to say that would cause some attackers to pause for a second by virtue of a few magic words: This might help to explain why the 'it's not a choice' line can help: Personally, I would avoid the jazz hands brigade with every bit as much gusto as I would a salute the appropriate collective noun, I feel of Ukip activists.

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Genes play a role.

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Homosexuality is an abomination. I agree that it is probably better for society that we accept those with immoral attitudes rather than going out of our way to make life difficult for them, but that only goes so far. Practically, I do not see them as "bisexual" if they currently do not have sexual or romantic desire for men and do not anticipated having future desires for men. The rest of society is very swiftly passing them by. This is a bit of a straw man argument or other type of specious comparison.

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The pattern of bodily response is a gradient across individuals: But my religion is a fundamental element of who I am! But from an ethical standpoint, all that is entirely irrelevant, and that is what I find lacking in that discussion. Feel free to love women whenever your nature needs to. Unconscious drives — mating impulses — push us toward other human beings, again in a sex-sensitive way, and again, gradiently across members of the population. If it is not an immutable characteristic, that would imply that a gay person could be somehow transformed into a straight one. But if that moral goal must rest on the idea that sexual identity as opposed to a certain cluster of forces shaping one's sexual feelings is completely deterministic, then the moral case is on shaky footing, since factually that's not true.

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