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Paul is explicit that the same-sex behavior in this passage is motivated by lust. Some [ who? A Commentary. The predominant forms of same-sex behavior in the ancient world were sex between masters and slaves, sex between adult men and adolescent boys, and prostitution. Brooten, n. Speaking specifically of the Pauline letters but in words that are applicable to the New Testament as a whole, the Pauline scholar Victor Paul Furnish puts it as follows:

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In contrast, Boswell argues that this is a term specifically created by Paul, and that given its unusual nature, the fact that Paul did not use one of the more common pagan Greek terms, and given its direct reference to the Levitical laws, it is a matter of debate whether Paul was referring generally to any person having homosexual sex, or whether as discussed below it referred only to anal sex of any form cf.

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Only worshippers of false gods would engage in such activity. In your own situation, you are doing all that you can to show the reverence and respect that is due. This means that, so far as we know, Jesus never spoke about homosexuality, and we simply have no way of determining what his attitude toward it might have been.

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In the New Testament, see, for example, Matthew

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