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When the two men were separated by continents, Hrebid would draw sketches of him and Allami. Stars Screen Binge Culture Media. Hrebid would drive to Vancouver every weekend to see him. The United Nations refugee agency interviewed Allami eight times, but his application was bogged down by translation errors, according to Failla, who attended several interviews with him. Other days, he'd send Allami long letters describing his undying love.

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Hrebid sent him money to help with upkeep as he desperately sought a way to get him to Seattle.

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Center for the Study of Sexual Minorities in the Military

Failla describes the couple as "major influencers" in the gay community in Seattle. One night, as they chatted on Skype, Allami's relatives overheard them and realized he was gay. And after years of separation, Hrebid still wakes up at night and asks: One error in particular complicated his case. Are we really married? Hrebid and Allami look over letters they wrote to each other when they were separated. During one asylum interview, he was asked whether as a soldier, he was familiar with the Abu Ghraib prison torture.

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Stars Screen Binge Culture Media. In the process of seeking asylum, applicants can have a preference for country of resettlement, but countries decide whether to accept an applicant. Last year, only 14, Iraqi refugees were resettled worldwide, says Andrej Mahecic, a spokesman for the UN refugee agency. The date March 6,will forever be etched in Allami's mind. Seattle Each night, when the guns fell silent in Iraq, Btoo Allami would invite his friend Nayyef Hrebid over for dinner. And if the Transgender Ban is allowed to stand, we will likely never know what future heroes our country has passed over, including potentially the very plaintiffs in this case. They've helped 21 people find jobs and places to stay, and are working with several rights groups such as Canada's Rainbow Refugee to assist more.

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