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Sign up for free! None of that junk is enough to fulfill your internetz! The Scent of His Mate 2 "Tidus' heartbeat thundered violently in his ears. Gagazet as a young Biran and a young Kimahri stood at opposite ends of a battlefield. Boards Final Fantasy X is kimahri gay?

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All artwork and original characters belong to their respected owners.

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While most of the elder Ronsos treated him fairly and with impartial respect, the majority of his life had consisted of the constant taunting and mocking of all the Ronso youth. As for Kimahri's being gay as in sexually attracted to other male Ronsono hint either way is ever given. He knew perfectly well that he could never, even if his life depended on it, break the hold Kimahri's had on him All artwork and original characters belong to their respected owners. Boards Final Fantasy X is kimahri gay? He watched from just past half-field, his muscles rippled a bit from the strain of such a strong launch, but he seemed to enjoy it. Boards Final Fantasy X is kimahri gay?

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LousStevens LousStevens 8 years ago 1 I dont think a female ronzo exists, so how is kimahri expected to have kids unless somehow the male only species boink each other? Keep me logged in on this device. For what seemed like the umpteenth time, he found himself trapped within the coil of the Ronso's unyielding grip, just as Kimahri had done on the several previous occasions where he'd wanted something from the human. Kimahri raised his spear to his chest proudly, then swung it out rather boldly. Blitzball Fate, Karma, or Luck? His mind focused on one thing; the feeling. Scouting "Gazna Ronso rolled his thick neck and crossed his arms over his chest as he leaned against one of the pylons to the sphere pool, watching the Ronso inside perform his workouts.

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