Letter against gay marriage

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Nationals rip into Australia Post days before marriage survey forms are sent. I have found through various discussions both on social media and other areas, that anyone who does not go with the new flow are immediately branded as bigots or being discriminatory. Often it seems as if this matter is simply about human rights and the removal of discrimination. Go forth and multiply, one cannot achieve this without both genders, therefore in the eyes of the Lord a marriage between two people of the same gender cannot do this without the help of the very gender they do not want to have a marriage with. Heatwave grips Queensland's east coast, bringing an unending run of scorchers 'I didn't stop, it wasn't safe':

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Fire, floods and snow Fires in NSW, floods in north Queensland, dust in Canberra, and snow in Tasmania — we're having a wild few days of weather.

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Scottish Catholic priests' letter condemns gay marriage

This has gone to the anti-discrimination board in Tasmania. A year on, we're still wounded from a brutal campaign Male, religious, not wealthy: As Tasmanians, we live in a democracy which rightly places great value on human rights and protecting others from unjust discrimination. If gender difference is no longer to be a basic premise of marriage, what is there to limit the teaching to kindergarten children that they can choose to be either a boy or a girl? Whilst on the subject, not only is the word marriage being taken to mean something other than what it has meant for millieniums, but also what is offensive to any Bible believing person is the way the rainbow has been taken and linked to a lifestyle that in days gone by brought down the judgment of God by the way of a flood. The idea of same sex marriage is an entirely new proposal, never before espoused or sanctioned by society world-wide until this modern day, a whole new social experiment fraught with danger.

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Why has marriage been instituted in every civilization in history? Rodney Croome said the 'yes' side of the debate should not assume it will win. We agree that the postal vote is a farce but it is here and we all need to vote. TO ALL those advocates of same sex-marriage, and again at the risk of being branded homophobic, I will be tendering a simple vote of no in this over the top attempt to make all people the same, regardless of orientation, religion, or anything else that minority groups wish to force upon the silent majority. Jesus wouldn't suffer the suffering of children, the children of God should take heed. Crime His explanation was not without its sceptics.

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