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Neal 1 episode, Andrew Tinpo Lee Neal 1 episode, Mary 1 episode, David de Lautour But they aren't lesbian, and are Squicked out when she does anything remotely sexual. Gregory 5 episodes, Courtney Henggeler Nancy and Ginger deal with this in Afterlife with Archie. Singer 1 episode, D.

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I'm celebrating Gay Pride, I guess. Honesty, easy going, easy with looks and self-assurance are some of the things that he likes about a girl. Andre 1 episode, Fayelyn Bilodeau Roscoe 53 episodes, The Series is a kind of subtextual example. Nora 6 episodes, Charles Robinson Guy uncredited 1 episode,

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None of their teammates seem to be fazed by their relationship, and Billy's parents are positively thrilled with it. As Sheik, Zelda tried to make herself believe that her attraction to girls was just her getting caught up in the role of a boy. It skips to her at twelve confessing to her friend who reacts in utter disgust and shows she became bullied due to her Love Confession. When it was filmedthings were so repressed that they couldn't even utter the word "lesbian. Jim 1 episode, Tim Trobec Brendan 1 episode,

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