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This category does not require a rating on the project's quality scale. Now he was at the hotel. If we don't do sourcing properly, it's to easy for people to slip a false label. All interested editors are invited to join the project and contribute to the discussion. Then I glared at Dr. Well, surely you knew that Ben Hur is a gay romance? Sometimes straight directors gave the audience a nod and a wink, as in the famous scene in Red Riverwhen Howard Hawks cooked up an hilariously suggestive scene between John Ireland and Montgomery Clift, as two cowboys on a cattle drive with John Wayne.

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Despite several attempts to cast white actors in this role, including Alain Delon and Horst Buchholz, and the left-field suggestion of using Bollywood legend Dilip Kumar, the film-makers were eventually obliged to settle on a genuine Arab:

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Lawrence of Arabia: a confabulous romp through the desert

WikiProject Biography biography articles. His main page says he is separated from his wife and has two children. I have always privately thanked O'Toole for encouraging me into fatherhood. That filming for that length of time, two years, three months, and having all the responsibility for the performance but none of the control…Christ, in one scene of the film I saw a close-up of me when I was 27 years old, and then 8 seconds later, there was another close-up of me when I was 29 years old! I flew to London for our meeting, but he had personal affairs to attend to in Ireland and asked that we do it there instead.

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But the Catholic League of Decency made sure it wasn't, by threatening a nationwide boycott of American cinemas if Hollywood didn't clean up its act. He rushed immediately to the ticket window before the bookie could get away. It was near the Liffey River not far from the tower described by Joyce in Ulysses. There is a clear subtext in the original film too: Gay characters are everywhere now, which has surely had some effect on the shifting attitudes towards marriage equality in many Western countries. The "sissy" stereotype hasn't disappeared.

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