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This is the first part of a two-part article. The next day, June 26,the San Francisco Chronicle reported that two hundred and forty thousand people had turned out for the annual Gay Freedom Day Parade. Below street level is the main entrance to the Castro Street Stationa Muni Metro subway station and a multitiered park. And the first settlers fitted right in. Some were waving banners; others were standing with linked arms, chanting and cheering. The denizens of the Castro were overwhelmingly male, but occasionally in a crowd of men on the street you would see two or three young women dressed in jeans or jumpsuits.

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At that point, it had occurred to him that, however accepting of homosexuals the rabbi seemed to be, the synagogue was family-oriented, and thus it excluded him.

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I t was the glamour of gay life, as much as it was the feminist call to career, that encouraged heterosexuals in the Seventies to excuse themselves from nature, to swallow the birth control pill. This was how the Castro expressed itself—not by alliances and persuasion but by demonstrations and non-negotiable demands. Sign in to Customer Care using your account number or postal address. The Bay Area Reporter.

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The gay community, evolving according to its own logic, became more and more articulated and distinct.

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