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However, same-sex marriage is now legal, so clearly it is possible for humans to overturn nature. It may seem like harmless celebration to put rainbows in every possible location, but what about the effect this is having on the eyes of those who have to look at them? However, given that legalising same-sex marriage overturns the laws of nature, this means the laws of nature preventing same sex couples from reproducing are now null and void, so maybe same sex couples can reproduce. With the laws of nature now obsolete, this would mean such marriages can include procreation. This opens up a wide variety of problems, given how nature is responsible for everything that keeps the planet running.

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The Supreme Court can no more repeal the laws of nature and nature's God on marriage than it can the laws of gravity.

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Most popular. Opposite-sex marriage occurs all the time in nature. As already hinted at, the celebrations of the legalisation of same-sex marriage have resulted in a stark increase in the number of rainbows seen everywhere. Clearly LGBT people have the power to overrule nature to suit their own needs.

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Sadly, not everyone agrees.

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