Against gay parenting

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Participants included 44 adolescents parented by same-sex female couples and 44 adolescents parented by opposite-sex couples, matched on demographic characteristics and drawn from a national sample. Adolescents in lesbian families: The present study is the largest to date to focus on the sexual orientation of adult sons of gay men. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 77 4 This gender difference also has been found in modern forms of anti-homosexual prejudice Massey, Past research on anti-homosexual prejudice has suggested that gay and lesbian parents will be evaluated more negatively than heterosexual parents Massey, The child eventually calms down and continues eating.

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Studying the relationship between modern anti-homosexual prejudice and evaluations of same-sex parenting is important, therefore, because it can reveal attitudes and subsequent behavioral patterns that individuals are not aware they possess.

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What does the scholarly research say about the well-being of children with gay or lesbian parents?

The results show that especially lesbian social mothers i. Cases with incomplete or missing data were removed from the current sample. But even if the results were accurate and children of same-sex parents fared less well than children of opposite-sex parents, would that justify banning same-sex marriage? Private international law Private international law Divorce Marriage Hague Convention adoption International child abduction Hague Convention child abduction Hague Convention maintenance. An exception to this pattern appears to be children from same-sex parent families.

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Children with female same-sex parents and different-sex parents demonstrated no differences in outcomes, despite female same-sex parents reporting more parenting stress. Another study drew on nationally representative, longitudinal data using a sampling pool of over 20, children, of which lived in a same-sex parent household. Assessments of romantic relationships and sexual behavior were not associated with family type. Most children had regular contact with grandparents, other relatives, and adult nonrelatives outside their immediate households, and there were no differences in this regard as a function of parental sexual orientation. Correlational and priming studies of dual cognitive structures. The results suggest that higher level of adopted adolescent attachment to parents is not related to adoptive parent sexual orientation. Racism as a stressor for African Americans.

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