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Shannon knows no boundaries but I will agree with her that she pretty much tells it like it is. According to a new tweet, Brooks Ayers is now slamming Briana, saying that her husband is much more scary than himself. Unless it was just to scare Vicki and Tamra into thinking they were considering it. Celebrities Engagements in The shocking thing here is that Bravo presented her story without ridiculing her. A caller on WWHL asked Lynn if her daughter was still in "the entertainment industry" but she just acted confused and said something about her daughter having a boyfriend and living in San Diego.

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They need to go back to the original concept.

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I can see way Shannon would especially be pissed as she put her very real marital problems on the show. Did anyone catch the underlying rage Ryan had when he mentioned how there wasn't a photo of him on the mantle? They could shut down the rumor that Brooks was faking his cancer in an instant, but they never will. Prince Harry follows in Diana's footsteps as he attends a conference on land mine clearance in Angola to

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She's boring and it's time to move on from her.

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