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Play in new window Download. Dotti is a strong woman, full of resilience. Unless she could come to an understanding that the Bible was not condemning of homosexuality, Roby thought suicide might be a viable option. Daydreams In Your Dreams: Heterosexism, Racism, and Revelation Marriage Equality: Roby and Dotti are married; they have been married since when they made a commitment to one another, before God and community.

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Willow Creek was one of the first to welcome Soulforce, which is based in Lynchburg, Va.

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Gay Into Straight America: Two Women and a Poodle

Walking The Talk Homospirituality: Log on to www. Sorrows of War What would Augustine say? Ten years later, Anna hanged herself in a closet. When Roby was at her low point of desperation, she confided in one friend that she was a lesbian.

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Responding Constructively to Persecution Christianity Betrayed: Roby, now 47, was raised in an Evangelical home where Dr. That opening song was just great and the message from your guests was outstanding! Same-sex couples and their families are denied over 1, federal protections without federally recognized marriages. It is to be honored, valued and protected, equally. She went to Bible School in Sweden and was intent on becoming a missionary. Log on to www.

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