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I don't have any personal examples to use, but I've heard plenty of stories from fellow asexuals who've turned down approaches. I don't have a problem with the amount of free loving in Thedas. Dorquemada talk BioWare is not also not trying to make a statement, but rather just give players more choice. As you might imagine, various blogs and message board forums have been blowing up over the subject of Dragon Age 2 gay characters and romance options. The dialoge wheel is not something the characters ingame can see That's why romances are optional content.

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Since romance has been a staple of role playing since forever, I can't see where you might be getting this idea.

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For fucksake they makers of DA2 created a product that many use and enjoy and the straights can you make a no homo option and the gays makes us out to be predators take exception. If you don't want to play anything that remotely resembles reality then you should probably go play a platformer or something, unless you're offended by Mario's relationship with Peach. It kinda made me feel they was trying to punish me for being straight.

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A farewell to Arms - Nintendo's fighting game wraps up Min Min max.

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